So you have some freight, found a carrier….Now what?

First thing is to know you have the freight and confirm time it needs to load or unload.

Qualifying the carriers – When a dispatcher or truck calls in asking for information on a particular load need to make sure you ask a few questions

1) Where is the Truck? Could be 200 miles away and take hours to get to the pick up
2) Is the truck empty now? If truck is waiting to be unloaded then this could be a long time. need to ask about when the appointment is and how long he has been waiting.
3) What is your MC Number? You will need to verify information and review safety records with this number.
4) What is your name and call back number? If you don’t have this written down it will get lost. Even if you have their number on the caller ID, write it down.

Check the FMCSA Licensing Site –
From this site you are able to enter the MC number of the carrier. You will need to verify the licensing and insurance on file for the carrier. Make sure their authority is active and they have insurance on file of at least 1,000,000 liability and 100,000 in cargo. You will also see that they are an active carrier.

Call the insurance Company and request a certificte of Insurance. it is also a good idea to call and speak the insurance comany and find out if there are any cliams pending right now. We had an instance where everything checks out but when we called the insurance company they told us the company had 100’s of pending claims

Ok so they look good so far…. Them MC numbers check out and they are ready to pick up.

Next step is send them Carrier packet. A carrier packet should contain a copy of your contract, Copy of broker MC certificate, Your bond info, a blank IRS w-9 form and information on your company. It will also have instructions on what you will need them to send back. This will be.

  • MC Certificate from the carrier
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Carriers Safety Rating
  • W-9 Form
  • Your Broker / Carrier Agreement completed and signed.

Once you receive this information you will create a Rate confirmation. The rate confirmation is a contract between you and the carrier that you agree to pay the carrier for their services. It will have the Origin and Destination Information, Product Info, Agreed Rate and any other info that would be needed by the truckload carrier to pick up or deliver. A sample Rate Confirmation Is Here

For an easy to use Broker Management System go to and sign up. Super easy and affordable system to quickly manage freight and create all the paperwork needed.