Truckload Broker How to find a carrier on on a Truckload Board

As a Freight Broker finding the right Carrier for a shipment is crucial. With DAT Load Boards, you’ll find 3 times more trucks than any other load board.

Before you post a load.

  • Know everything about the load. Whether or not the information is posted assume the drivers do not know anything.
  • Once posted expect tons of calls, be ready to write down information to better organize with whom you talking to.
  • Negotiation – know your set price, and be prepared to negotiate. Personally I enjoy this part. See what larger LTL’s prices are, and your set cost.

Once you have found a carrier to work with. You must do a background check. Send the Carrier Packet, once received and put into your system.

Send the Rate Confirmation.


Typically loads are ready the day you need to find a carrier. It is very fast paced with tons of carriers coming at you wanting the load. It gets hectic and has to be set-up quickly also diligently making sure you have all your information on the trucking company, contracts in your system, & all the information of the load. Typically the Trucking Companies do not have a website where you can plug in a Pro #, PU, or Reference #. Checking in is critical to make sure everything has been picked up on time, and delivered.