Using a freight broker rather than attempting to set-up a shipment themselves aids with the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and expertise in the field by the freight broker.  We are geared to a commitment of excellence in customer service, from the initial shipping quote inquiry to the arrival of our customer’s shipment at its final destination.

  •  Time – Free-Up Employees to work on other tasks that will gain revenue for their/ your company.
  •  Savings –  We know the current pricing and can make  decisions whether or not to ship with a national LTL Carrier Contract or whether its cheaper to go with a smaller carrier on a Spot Market Rate. This is true for LTL and Truckload Shipments. Sometimes we may even split up a shipment obtaining pricing advantage. Because we have relationships with Carriers we are able to find and negotiate the best pricing. Working with a freight broker will save you time & money in the long run.
  • Follow-Up –  It can be tricky managing multiple shipments, even one shipment. Truckload Broker stays on top of where the freight is, ETA, and knowing if there are any problems.

For Example: Last week we had a shipment that was insisted it was delivered. The client called stating that the shipment was not delivered or on their dock. We called the Carriers  back, no answer, waited 5 minutes called back. We got the front desk and was transferred over to dispatch where no one picked up. Needless to say we do not stop calling even when leaving multiple messages &  e-mails, until we reach someone who knows exactly what is going on, and where the shipment is. It is a bit like playing a detective. With freight you are on a time sensitive job. The harder you work and the more persistent you are, the better you shipment will be found & delivered on time.

  • Expert Knowledge – Truckload Broker has been in the Logistics Industry for over 10 years. We have access to thousands of Independent Carriers. All brokers are on the same playing field. What separates us from the rest, is our relationships with our Shippers & Clients. We are a smaller company which allows us to have personal relationships on each end, Even with the Carriers we use.We can customize a transport package for your company that fits your needs, taking a lot of work and worry out of your hands. We can also schedule emergency or special pick ups and deliveries easily and efficiently. Most business owners and managers find that these services are well worth their price and enjoy the peace of mind knowing their company’s business transportation needs are handled professionally.
  • Tools-  Our customized website makes it easy to quote shipments, and track freight once it has been dispatched. We have useful tools & constructive information to engage our readers as well as helping others in this industry to better understand this crazy world of freight.

* The question isn’t “Why use a freight broker?’ The question is, “Why wouldn’t you?”