Truckload and Freight load boards are a great way to find carriers. There are a lot of different load boards out there and there are services available that enable you to post to more then one at a time. some of the ones that we have experience with are.

Transcore DAT Express 360 – “Access the TransCore DAT Network, the safest, largest and fastest truck load board with over 60 million loads & trucks annually, 42 million found here first or nowhere else.” Our experience has been very positive with this site. It is a little more expensive but it seems that the carriers available are professional and have been around for a while. The have a great rating tool that helps sell freight to customers and negotiate with carriers

Trulos Transportation – This is the largest free load board on the internet and very easy to sign up and use. We have received a lot of success from this service

Post Everywhere – “PostEverywhere freight posting service streamlines the process of posting to the Internet which will save you time and increase efficiency. If you use Internet freight matching sites to find trucks for your loads, or to find freight for empty trucks, Post Everywhere truck and load posting service is an essential tool for your company.”

How to Find Truckload Carriers

A lot of times when you post a load you will not receive the call back in time. This is generally due to a shortage of trucks and a high amount of loads in the area. Since freight transport pricing is effected by the supply and demand of trucks you may need to search out and find a carrier to take the load. The next thing to do is to use the load boards to search for carriers. The search function is available on just about every site. You will be able to enter in specific information about the origin and destination, truck type, date available and the search will find you trucks looking for similar freight. the sites will list phone numbers. First thing you do is call and talk to dispatch and verify the availability of the truck. If the truck is available describe your load in detail. Include:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Weight
  • Commodity or product info
  • Number of pallets
  • Appointment if needed for pick up and delivery
  • Number of stops

Have as much detail as possible and be prepared to negotiate with the carrier at this time on a rate.

How To figure out a rate
Long haul – 1.25 per mile starting
Short haul – 2.00 per mile
These are just basic guideline used for a starting point if I have no idea what a particular lane is paying. The Transcore System has a rating tool that lets you put in origin, destination and truck equipment type and based on previous lane information it will figure a pretty close rate that you can use as a starting point.